Launch Week Giveaway #1


Welcome to Farm Bell Recipes!!! We will be having “launch week” giveaways all week with cute and handy kitchen gadgets. Today’s giveaway is this five-piece canning set with a funnel, tongs, jar lifter, lid wand, and jar wrench!

For a chance to win: Just leave a comment on this post! One winner will be drawn by random comment number to receive the five-piece canning set. Eligible entry cut-off is midnight Eastern (U.S.) time tonight (May 3). This post will be updated with the winner by 9 a.m. Eastern (U.S.) time tomorrow (May 4). Return to this post to see if you won.

Note: You must be registered to post a comment. Sign up (it’s free!) and join us!

UPDATE 05/04/10: The winning comment number (chosen by is #49, jmac. Email CITRgiveaways(at) with your full name and address for shipping!


  1. Sonia says:

    Love the new site!! Here is to many hours of searching and enjoying all of the recipes!!

  2. Deborah R says:

    Congratulations on launching Farm Bell Recipes!

  3. Connie says:

    Congrats on the new site. Looks great. Please enter me in the drawing for the canning tool set. Thanks you.

    Connie, OH

  4. Carla says:

    Great addition!! Congrats!

  5. JanaNC says:

    I can’t wait to learn how to can & preserve — this will be just the place to do it!

  6. Leah says:

    I think I’ll try a new recipe every wk! The crockpot pepperoni lasagna sounds just like the place to start!The canning set is cool too!

  7. NorthCountryGirl says:

    WOW! Fabulous site! It’s like recipe heaven! AND, it’s only just starting. I can see me browsing this site for ideas daily. Thanks for the great site!!!

  8. oldladyp says:

    Love the new site, can’t wait to spend more time going through it.

  9. Mrs.Turkey says:

    What a wonderful site this is…..amazing recipes, amazing people and best of all…down to earth stories from an amzing person…Suzanne!

  10. Cindajo says:

    Oh My! What a wonderful new site. You just amaze me… do you get everything done? A person can come to your site and perhaps never be seen again for a very long time. There is so much to explore at Chickens in the Road and now ————–Farm Bell Recipes! Congratulations on your growth.

  11. houseful says:

    Oh, I can tell I’m going to love this resource! Thank you Suzanne!

  12. Laura says:

    woo hoo Nice site and nice giveaway

  13. stecile1 says:

    Holy Cow! This looks like soooo much fun! Can’t wait to get started browsing. Congratulations, and thanks!

  14. Patty says:

    WOW…what a surprise!

  15. Fran "Gert" says:

    What a GREAT addition………..I love it…I for one was always having trouble remembering where a recipe I wanted to try was……I spend endless hours on your sight, most of the time when I cant sleep in the wee hours of the night/morning……Hadnt been on here in a few days though, end of the school year and very busy around here……..Thanks Dede for the heads up on the new sight…..

  16. Katie H says:

    I am very excited about this new venture. I always turn to you guys like my own version of what’s for dinner. Please enter me in the drawing.

  17. Abiga says:

    Surprise was nice. We love cooking here so hope to find and share many recipes. Enter me in the drawing too. blessings.

  18. Pete says:

    Everything looks GREAT! Thanks to all who made it possible. We are going to have SOME fun with this!!

  19. JerseyGirl says:

    Great idea! Just discovered your blog, and am looking forward to exploring the community.

  20. HeatherB -I Wanna Farm says:

    This was a really great surprise! I hope I win, I want to start canning soon!

  21. Natalie S. Cyphers says:

    Love your new site! Great job everyone 🙂 Please add me to the drawing for the canning tool set…thanks 🙂

  22. Miss Nellie says:

    Loveing the new look, and would love the canning set.

  23. Susie says:

    I posted on the main page about how excited I am for this new recipe blog! This is going to be so much fun adding recipes and saving some of yours.
    My first entry will be Heavenly Rice from my new rice maker.

  24. Moopsee says:

    Wow! What a treasure of recipes and information!! I’m thrilled to have been told about this site and now have it to share and find!! Thanks all!!!

  25. Grace Reynolds says:

    Great Site! Can’t wait to explore…

  26. Nancy says:

    Heavenly Rice!! And my son just moved out and took his rice maker with him!! I’ll have to get one of my own now. Great new site…I’m having trouble uploading a pic though…it keeps “pixelating”!

  27. AnnaXLA1 says:

    what a great idea
    I can’t wait too see all of the
    great things everone has to share

  28. Phyllis Ryan says:

    Everyone is right. This is a great addition to a wonderful blog. A nice surprise for the Merry Month of May.

  29. Erin says:

    Can’t wait to see what this site has to offer! I’m so excited! Love your blog!

  30. Jill says:

    Love It! Love It! Love It!

  31. CampCook says:

    I love your website. Wonderful Recipes and info. Please enter me into the give away for the tool set

  32. Darlene says:

    Love this site! And it’s so easy to use!

    Include me in this great give away

  33. Teri says:

    Looking forward to exploring and finding all kinds of new recipes!

  34. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on the new website. I am looking forward to finding some fantastic recipes.

  35. Barbee says:

    Oh, that canning set would look perfect in my kitchen! Hope it finds its way there, and is ready to go to work. This is now my most favorite recipe and cooking community blog. What a great thing to do for your readers, Suzanne! Thank You!

  36. CountryDreams says:

    I am so excited about this new addition, Suzanne! I always used “Recipezaar” but I’ll be using this now!

  37. msyankee says:

    I am so glad I found this site, there is so much great info, recipes… I use to be a city girl but now I am where I belong, IN THE COUNTRY!!
    I posted a recipe for Tuna Puff I hope everyone checks it out & enjoys it.

  38. Jennifer says:

    I was just looking at a these the other day…

    I know I’ll be spending a LOT of time here….

    Thanks Suzanne!

  39. stillybee says:

    Looking homegrown and farmylicious around here!! Loving the new Farm Bell recipes… thank you!! Congrats on a job well done =)

  40. BrendaE says:

    Oh how exciting – nothing more I love than good recipes. Thanks Suzanne. I read this blog every single day – my day would not be the same without it. I need my country fix. Thanks to all who make this work!

  41. YouNameIt says:

    I love reading recipes, especially ones used by “real people”, so many of the ones from cookbooks use strange ingredients or are too complicated. Thanks for giving us a great place to look for awesome recipes!

  42. Carol says:

    this should be a great resource for tried and true recipes, and I hope using everyday, simple ingredients. I don’t live close to a grocery store so easy and simple are what I lean toward. Looking forward to spending time on this site.

  43. emhavens says:

    Cool! Put me in for the drawing.

  44. Connie says:

    Thanks for the drawing, I’d love to win!

  45. tsmith says:

    Love the new site! I like trying new recipes. Really like the recipe box option! I have been thinking about trying my hand in canning. Would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks!!!!!

  46. charleycooke says:

    How exciting!!! I love it, and it just gives me another reason to visit your blog! Awesome job!

  47. jmac says:

    Congratulations on another milestone!
    Thanks for sharing your time, energy and blog with us. And love this new recipe blog!
    Sure could use this give-away, still using my moms stuff from the 1930’s and 40’s!

  48. Jeanne Lewis says:

    I’m new to your blog, you had me at the comment your son made about being brought to the country to die!!! Cracked me up. Love the Jacob sheep too. I have a pressure canner but no utensils to go with it, love to have the correct items!

  49. Natalie O. says:

    Can’t wait to explore! Thanks for all you do.

  50. pattyb says:

    I’m really excited about this new blog, Suzanne!
    Could I be entered into the giveway?
    Thank you,

  51. Pat says:

    This is such a great idea!!

  52. HIckChickBritt says:

    I can’t wait to explore this site! Could I please be entered into the contest also?

  53. Jessica says:

    I love this new site! Can’t wait to check it out more, it’s a wonderful idea. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway too!

  54. Jen says:

    Wow, just when it seems the site couldn’t possibly get any better…:)

  55. JoJo says:

    Wow. Nice site. I’m looking forward to searching out new to me recipes. Nice giveaway!

  56. lamiller81 says:

    I love your blog and now it is even better. Thanks for the time you put into all of this for us.

  57. Eliza J says:

    Great idea for the site…… I foresee lots of reading recipes in my future….

  58. Judy D says:

    This is fabulous!!! And so much fun.

  59. mirela says:

    Love this new creation! I’m a fan of your recipes, can’t wait to try others’, too! Go Suzanne!

  60. Cheryl S. says:

    I’ve been wanting to try canning . . . this would be a great incentive for me to get started. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time here for inspiration for new-to-me recipes. Great job!

  61. [email protected] says:

    This is so exciting! Can’t wait to explore here more! Would so love to win this giveaway.

    (((Thank you)))

    ~Kelly in Texas

  62. Heather says:

    So excited for this new site, Suzanne! And I can’t wait to learn to can!

  63. Nancy K says:

    I’ve never tried canning but since I’m planting my first real garden this Spring, I guess maybe those tools just might come in handy!

  64. Callie says:

    I started canning last year. Did just a little. This year I plan on doing a ton of it! Can’t wait. Tools and goodies would help out immensly. What a great blog.

  65. oneoldgoat says:

    I’m so glad to see this new site! I am constantly searching for recipes at CITR! And please enter me into the canning giveaway!

    Beth oneoldgoat

  66. Linda T. says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for the time you and your helpers put into this. I’d love to win the draw.

  67. robin says:

    You have really inspired me to try many new things,in the past year alone I’ve made my own bread,mixed up homemade laundry detergent and now we are raising 8 laying hens. Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. marymac says:

    OMG… I love this idea, only problem now is I will be spending more time on the computer and getting even less work done, lol. Please enter me in your give away.

  69. Pam G. says:

    Suzanne, Thank you for putting this site together for us! I’m looking forward to finding and sharing new recipes. Today I am going to try the new Rhubarb Bread recipe that I found on this new site this morning. Hope I win the canning set so that I can try canning next!

  70. Bren says:

    I want to try my hand at canning tomatoes and making salsa this year so these would come in very handy. Can wait to explore the new site. I read your blog every morning. Thanks for being you.

  71. DonnaD says:

    I’m excited to have become a member here. I can’t wait to explore all areas.

  72. Michelle McMillen says:

    Just joined; love the improvements!

  73. cynth says:

    What a wonderful food blog. Makes me want to go cook something.

    Cynthia Lee

  74. jan~n~tn says:

    YEAH!!!!!have been picking at this off and on since, sometime this morning, but I finally got here. Is the ‘community cookbook’ going to be rolled over into the ‘Farm Bell Recipes’?
    Hope with this change…more time will magically appear during the day/night for you.
    Can’t wait to browse for goodies.
    Winning the kit would be great…I won’t tell what I’ve been using lately.

  75. Rustinsmommy says:

    I love your site and all the canning info to be found here!

  76. Ulrike says:

    Lovely! Perfect timing, too. I’m trying to plan this week’s menu and having a hard time.

  77. estella says:

    What a wonderful idea!

  78. soobeegee says:

    Great for Christmas present for my daughter!

  79. SuzieQ says:

    This is wonderful..have been jumping around in different categories and have found so many MORE things to try..hope to be canning this summer so would love to win the canning set.

  80. debbie says:

    I love the “surprise”! Can’t wait to try all the new recipes. If I win the drawing I can tell my hubby that all the time I spent on here was worth it 🙂 Sign me up please.

  81. Banana says:

    Love the new section! Thanks Suzanne!

  82. lavenderblue says:

    Boy, I’m finding a lot of different recipes that I hadn’t seen before. Must be I missed out on some of the older ones before I joined the forum. THIS IS SO COOL!

  83. Billie says:

    Great idea, I sure do love to cook. Almost as much as I love to eat. Dragged Jersey Boy out back and planted my ramp bulbs today, thanks for sharing that tip.

  84. Debbie in Memphis says:

    I love the new site!! I can hardly wait to spend some time looking through everything. Thank you so much, Suzanne!!

  85. Jackie D says:

    Hello Suzanne,
    I have been reading your blog for ages, but have never participated. I think the Dinner Bell recipes
    will be very helpful- we do a lot of cooking around
    here in Colorado! Thanks for all your efforts. I look forward everyday to your stories. I was a farm girl, but married a military man. We are now retired and doing some of the things we missed while moving 14 timies in service. Thanks again, Jackie

  86. kensjewl says:

    I would love to add these items to my canning supplies…LOVE the new recipe site.

  87. shellfromtheUK says:

    Wow this new site looks amazing and I shall spend hours looking at all the recipes! Well Done.

  88. moosebubbles says:

    Whew it took some doing to get registered, but I’m here and glad to start cooking. Please enter me into the drawing for the canning tools. Boy do I need them, looking at the size of the garden we just planted.

  89. Valerie says:

    This is just wonderful!! What a great surprise and I can’t wait to get started reading through the recipes, adding some and requesting some. And thanks for the giveaways, you are so sweet!

  90. telynn says:

    Wow! How kind of you to pull this all together! I too cannot wait to read all of the yummy recipes and tips!

  91. kathy says:

    Great idea!!! Ive bookmarked this site.

  92. dollie says:

    Your work on your new site is great. Love the Farm Bell Recipes and just downloaded your Yogurt Recipe which I have been wanting to try. Now have to look up the cheese instructions. Love your farm stories.

  93. sahmcolorado says:

    This will be a great place for me to find new recipes – Love it!

  94. Brenda says:

    This new site is great. I used to can veggies with my mom. It would be fun to try it again – not to mention how good the food would taste.

  95. Lacey says:

    I can’t even imagine the organization and the work that went into this. Thanks.

  96. Marla says:

    Wow, a cow and a new website! Ahh, sleep is highly overrated! Congrats!!!

  97. KellyF says:

    I think this whole idea is wonderful. All the recipes together and more to come. I would love the canning tool set. I lost all of my things in our last military move.

  98. Sharon mommafox says:

    What a great concept. I love the idea of having access to my own recipe box. With all that you do for us, how could we not feel the LOVE. Thanks for the giveaway also.

  99. Tina says:

    What a neat site! I just found it today because of the canning group. What a neat life you live. 🙂 Love that cow too. 🙂 and I am enjoying the recipes. 🙂 thank you for sharing. 🙂

  100. mafong says:

    I love reading about all your adventures. I just finished planting 100 tomato plants(with more on the way) so I could use these canning tools.

  101. Holly in FL says:

    I love this site! I’ve made a few recipes that were delish!

    ~Holly in FL

  102. Peggy W says:

    I have canned most of my life, but some of the items you are giving away I have never seen. This looks like it will be a great site and I love the picture you picked for us to know when you are posting Suzanne. I don’t have any pictures in this computer, so I need to work on getting something for my ID.


  103. Eve says:

    I agree with just about everyone, this site is most amazing and most wonderful. I am the creator/ instigator as some would say of a group of neighbors known as “neighbors helping neighbors”. We assist our neighborhood in building projects, totally free of charge. We have about 25 volunteers, we meet monthly to socialize and eat and talk of course. Every saturday, weather permitting we work on projects. This past winter we built a greenhouse and filled it with vegetable seedlings so that we could start a community garden, many in our area have lost jobs and we feel that the least we can do is offer free vegetables to those who need food. We have also started giving away our hens eggs,and I know our friends and neighbors appreciate what ever we can do to assist. We never ask for anything in return.
    Your information in this site has been part of our topics, and these recipes will be put to use in our gatherings. I found your site by accident, or at least that is what I thought, maybe someone higher up then I had a hand in finding you. I love your writings and will continue to read your news and most helpful information. Thank you very much
    E. Davis

  104. Patty says:

    How fun! I’ve already printed off a couple to try!
    I love the sense of community too.

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